HMS Calendula
Ship Number
Vessel Type
Flower Class Corvette
Slip Number
Launch Date
March 21, 1940
May 6, 1940
724 grt
BP Length
190 feet
33 feet
No. of Screws
Speed (approx)
16.5 knots
One Steam Reciprocating Vertical Triple Expansion 4 cylinder 2750hp
Official No.
 HMS Calendula

Pennant No. K28
She was then acquired by the US Navy under the reverse lease lend to the USA.
She was commissioned USS Ready (PG-67) at Tilburg, England, 12 March 1942. Ready then sailed from Northern Ireland 15 April 1942 as escort to a Newfoundland bound convoy. From Newfoundland she proceeded to Norfolk, arriving 13 May 1942, where she was prepared for deployment for defence of convoys between Norfolk Va, and Key West. She completed six runs to Key West and back during the next 3 months through waters made hazardous by the German submarine offensive. Toward the end of August, Ready shifted her base of operations to New York, but for the next 2 1/2 years continued to escort convoys bound to Key West, Fla., and extended such runs to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, whence she returned to New York. Detached 20 January 1945, she was assigned to antisubmarine patrol and escort in the approaches to New York until after the close of war in Europe, 5 May 1945.
She decommissioned at Harwich 20 August 1945 and was returned to the Royal Navy 3 days later. She was struck from the Navy list 17 September 1945.
HMS Calendula was sold July 22nd 1946 for use as a merchant ship named Viklkla Cisernos.
She was again renamed Villa Bens in 1949, then sold to the Spanish government in 1963.