HMS St Brides Bay
Ship Number
Vessel Type
Bay' Class Frigate
Slip Number
Launch Date
January 16, 1945
Launched By
Mrs Woodbridge
June 15, 1945
1600 grt
BP Length
286 feet
38-6 feet
No. of Screws
Speed (approx)
19.5 knots
2 × Admiralty 3-drum boilers, 2 shafts, 4-cylinder vertical triple expansion reciprocating engines, 5,500 ihp (4,100 kW)
Official No.
 HMS St Brides Bay

Pennant No. K600 (Later F600)
Originally laid down as the Loch Class frigate loch Achilty in May 1944. While building she assumed the name of St Brides Bay, and was launched as such in January, 1945 - too late to take any part in the war.
After working up at home she was sent to the Mediterranean, where she spent some time engaged on patrols stopping illegal immigrants returning to Israel. In 1949 she left the Mediterranean astern and went to the Far East, where she remained until late 1961. Her duties were many and varied, including patrols in support of operations against bandits during the Malayan emergency, escort work off Korea, patrols off the Yangste for the protection of British shipping, and again off the Pearl River when an incident occurred there; between times she cruised, visited, exercised, refitted and then started again. Designed as an anti-aircraft frigate for the Second World War, she became out-paced by modern construction and her useful days drew to a close. When she returned to the United Kingdom in December 1961 she had steamed many thousands of miles during her twelve years in the Far East, and was remembered in the many ports and outposts that she visited long after she had gone into honourable retirement.
Broken up 1962