Port Alfred
Ship Number
Vessel Type
Refrigerated Cargo Ship
Slip Number
Victoria Yard - 17
Launch Date
March 1, 1961
Launched By
Mrs J S Corry
September 8, 1960
Port Line Ltd
9044 grt
BP Length
470 feet
67-6 feet
No. of Screws
Speed (approx)
17 knots
H&W/B&W (S.A.) Diesel 7 Cylnder 10,000 SHP
Official No.
 Port Alfred

She was completed in March 1961 to replace the Port Saint John and intended for the M.A.N.Z. service.
In 1965 she towed the disabled Port Townsville into Chesapeake Bay, the salvage being paid to Port Line. Following other ships in the fleet through Blueport management and Trafalgar House Investments ownership, in 1976 she was transferred to Cunard Steam Ship Co., retaining her Port Line livery.
In 1978 she was transferred within the Group  and renamed Masirah in order to replace T & J Brocklebank's Mahseer . She initially retained her Port Line livery but was eventually given the Brocklebank colours and placed under the management of Cunard-Brocklebank.
In July 1981 she was laid up in the River Fal for seven months before undertaking her final voyage for the company from London to Piraeus via Suez, Lyttleton, Portland, Victoria, Istanbul and the Black Sea. Laid up at Eleusis under the ownership of A. Bacolitsas she was transferred to his Orpheus Ltd of Gibraltar and renamed Masir, the obliteration of two letters being a sure sign that her trading days were coming to an end. Remaining laid up at Piraeus she eventually sailed for Rotterdam on 8th March 1986 where she loaded a cargo for the Philippines before proceeding to Siracha near Bangkok where she was broken up.