Iron Somersby
Ship Number
Vessel Type
Bulk Carrier
Slip Number
Launch Date
October 8, 1971
Launched By
Mrs Jan Poulsen
December 7, 1971
Ropner Shipping Co.
57250 grt
BP Length
820 feet
133 feet
No. of Screws
Speed (approx)
15 knots
DR Diesel 9 cylinder 21,100 SHP
Official No.
 Iron Somersby

Chartered by BHP (Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited) from 1971 - 1986. The first Australian-operated 100,000 tonner and between 1971-1974 the largest Australian-operated ship, used mostly in the Port Hedland to Port Kembla iron ore trade.
1986 renamed Somersby, 1987 sold renamed Chia Yun.
Immediately bareboat chartered by BHP (Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited). Retained her registry at Newcastle, UK and retained her Ropner shipping hull colours, being nicknamed 'The Jolly Green Giant". Powered by a Nine Cylinder B&W oil engine of 23,200 bhp by Harland and Wolff. 71 tons marine fuel per steaming day at 15 knots. Crew - 38. Departed Belfast in ballast on a 31 day journey via Cape of Good Hope bound for Port Hedland, Western Australia. The first 100,000 ton vessel to be locally employed on the Australian coast. At Port Hedland she remained at anchor for seven days owing to an industrial dispute. She was then able to load 69,871 tonnes of iron ore for Port Kembla, two-thirds of her maximum deadweight load owing to the draught restriction then in place at Port Kembla. 9 September 1982 againat anchor, this time off Port Kembla and for 38 days until industrial disputes were resolved. Employed by BHP for use mostly on the Port Hedland to Port Kembla run. Ran occassional trips to Japan with coal, also voyaged to Hong Kong with coal and a voyage to Labuan, Brunai with iron ore. Another two journeys saw her taking Iron ore from Dampier to Japan during a Japanese seamen's strike.
1977 saw her hull repainted in the traditional BHP colours.
From 28 May 1982 until 22 June 1983 laid up at Geelong.
By 1986 she had 136 voyages on her tally, carrying a total of 13,788,000 tonnes of iron ore and coal, then 14 December 1986 returned to owners and renamed Somersby, her original intended name before laid upon the stocks. Registered at Nassau, she departed Hay, Queensland with a cargo of coal bound for Europe and manned by a Yugoslav crew of 24.
1987 sold and renamed Chia Yun.
1993 renamed Chi Yuni and scrapped at Nantong April 1993