English Star
Ship Number
Vessel Type
Refrigerated Cargo Ship
Slip Number
Building dock
Launch Date
September 23, 1984
Launched By
Duchess Of Kent
January 7, 1986
Lombard North Central Blue Star Line Ltd
10291 grt
BP Length
72.2 feet
No. of Screws
Speed (approx)
21 knots
7-Cyl 2 S.C.S.A Burmeister & Wain oil engine 7L67GBE 670mm bore, 1700mm stroke, 15,200 shp (metric) by Harland and Wolff
Official No.
 English Star

Sister Ships: Auckland Star, Canterbury Star & Scottish Star
Launched  as English  Star for Lombard Leasing Metropolitan Ltd. ( Blue Star Ship Management Ltd. managers)
Completed: 19 November 1985 with trials 15 January 1986
16 December 1984 she suffered a severe fire in her engine room while fitting out, causing extensive damage.
This included the complete stripping and rebuild of the main engine. As a consequence completion was considerably delayed.
One of a class of four ships built at Harland-Wolffs of Belfast,  they were the last of a long line of ships to be built for
Blue Star Line and known as the Harland Class. With four fully refrigerated hatches and fitted with "Banana doors" they
are a versatile class of ship. With modern hydraulically operated poppet valve 2-stroke B&W engines,
4 x Allen Alternators, J&E. Hall screw refrigeration compressors and fully automated machinery operation.
Renamed in 1987 as Hornsea and chartered to Horn Linie, Hamburg until January 1989.
Laid up: 07/2011 in Gdynia, Poland
Sold: 02/11/2011 delivered at Fujairah for scrapping at Alang