HMS Enchantress
Ship Number
Vessel Type
South Yard
Slip Number
Launch Date
November 7, 1903
June 11, 1904
2514 grt
BP Length
320 feet
40 feet
No. of Screws
Speed (approx)
18 knots
quadruple expansion constructed in Belfast
Official No.
 HMS Enchantress


Tendered for by Harland & Wolff, Belfast; Henderson & Co., Glasgow; Inglis, Glasgow; and Ramage & Ferguson, Leith.
"The HMS Enchantress  was one of a lost breed of ocean-going splendours, a steam yacht. They were glorious craft with slim and elegantly raked funnels, a bowsprit and sumptuous polished wood and brass, epitomising late Victorian and Edwardian style and grace. In 1911, the navy had two - the twin-funnelled Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert III and the single funnelled Enchantress with a complement of 196 officers and ratings which was the the disposal of the Commissioners of the Admiralty, and especially of the First Lord. And
no First Lord took greater advantage of her than Churchill. He had been in post for only a few weeks before he was on board; and between his appointment as First Lord in late 1911 and the outbreak of war, he was on Enchantress for a total of eight months; indeed during some months, such as November 1911, he was seldom away from her. Much of this time he was visiting ships, dockyards and other naval installations, although the First Lord was a generous host and Clementine and other family members and friends were often invited to share the pleasures of life afloat.
In 1914, Enchantress served as a field hospital for officers but was then laid up until recommissioned in January 1919. She was ultimately broken up early in 1935 when Churchill was asked if he would like to have the pane of glass from the ship that had been engraved with his coat of arms. He declined, saying he had nowhere to hang it."
However, on the completion of the new sloop of the same name in 1935, The Times (08 Apr 1935) reported that:
"All the furniture and plate from the old Enchantress is being transferred to the new vessel, and by using this equipment the official
apartments of the new Enchantress will be fitted out at little cost."