Ship Number
Vessel Type
Shallow Draft Tanker
Govan Yard
Slip Number
Launch Date
April 14, 1927
June 9, 1927
Nederlandsch Indische Tank Stoomboot Miij
1260 grt
BP Length
205 feet
36-6 feet
No. of Screws
Speed (approx)
9.75 knots
twin six-cylinder oil engines
Official No.

[Photo: M. Pryce Collection]

Because she followed the similar tankers Petronella, Paula and Agatha from the same yard [Yard Nos. 747G, 748G and 749G], she is frequently confused with them and reported as being a sister ship, but she was in fact a one-off design).
Anamba was laid up for some weeks prior to Paua's arrival, but a few days after her successor arrived she was manned with a Chinese crew, and returned to trading in the Singapore area. She was laid up in Singapore in February 1931 and was broken up in 1932, having earned her niche in New Zealand's coastal oil transport story.
Paua had her tank section renewed at Hong Kong late in 1939, and the opportunity was taken to lengthen her by twenty six feet at the same time, giving her increased tonnages of 1,412 gross and 620 net. She returned to service in January 1940 and traded around most of the New Zealand coastal ports, calling at Auckland, Tauranga, Gisborne, Napier, Wanganui, New Plymouth, Wellington, Picton, Nelson, Lyttelton, Oamaru, Timaru, Dunedin and Bluff, carrying petrol and kerosene.
Her New Zealand registry was closed on 15th December 1950, when she was sold to Colon Shipping Co. of Hong Kong and renamed Heather, sailing from Wellington for the last time in January 1951. In 1954 she was sold to Pan Norse S.S.Co. (Wallem & Co., Hong Kong), and renamed Lucky Carrier. She went aground in heavy weather on 30th May 1956, about half a mile from Fakir Point, Akyab, (now Sittwe, Burma, now Myanmar) on a voyage from Chalna to Akyab in ballast. Refloated on 8th August 1956, she arrived at Singapore in tow on 12th December 1956. Declared a constructive total loss, she was sold and broken up in mid-1957 by The Hong Kong Chiap Hua Mfy. Co. (1947) Ltd.