Harland and Wolff - Shipbuilding and Engineering Works

Mrs M.M.Pennell prepares to Christen the "Olympic Banner". Watching her are Mr Andrew Spyrou and Mr Alan Watt(right).

Alan Watt (Acting Chairman 1970-1971)

Apointed acting chairman December 1970 while still retainning the post of managing director.

The Minister of Commerce for Northern Ireland announced in July 1971 that Viscount Rochdale will become part-time chairman of the company with effect from Thursday 8th July. Mr. Alan Watt at present acting chairman will become deputy chairman, and Mr. Iver Hoppe will be appointed full-time managing director, taking up his post this autumn. Mr. Hoppe has, since 1964, been managing director of the Odense Steel Shipyard Limited in Denmark.

Deputy chairman, from 1971 until his retirement in September 1975

Had been injured in the Reina del Pacifico accident

Mr Alan Watt, a former chairman and Managing Director who at one time had been Southampton works manager,(see page 461 shipbuilders to the world)

Mr Watt, is a former Managing Director and Acting Chairman of the Company. Since 1971 he has served on the Board as a non-executive Director and Deputy Chairman. Mr Watt joined H&W as a Drawing Office apprentice in the 1920's. In 1950 he went to the Southampton Works as Deputy Manager and, some two years later, was appointed Manager. He returned to Belfast in 1958 and in 1960 was appointed to the Board. Mr Watt was appointed Deputy Managing Director in 1963 and Managing Director in 1965. He was appointed Managing Director(Production)(1968), Acting Chairman(1970) and Deputy Chairman (1971).