Harland and Wolff - Shipbuilding and Engineering Works

At the North Woolwich yard Harland and Wolf built vessels for the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company G.U.C.C. known as the Small Woolwich class they were of composite construction, and fitted with National diesel engines. Later they built 24 vessels of the Big Woolwich class. 

The Star Class Prototypes

The hull depth was 4' 2", and all 12 boats in the class, (6 pairs ) were wooden. Engines fitted were Russell Newbery twin cylinder diesels, of 18hp. Nearly all the boats of this size were named after stars and constellations, and thus was born the Star class. The boats were built to a 7' 1/2" in beam, 71' 6" long, and a deep draught of 3' 3". Harland and Wolff built two motors Venus and Alderbaran and two butties Saturn and Orion (they where delivered in 1935).

The Star Class (Small Woolwich)

In January 1935 Harland and Wolff received an order for 24 pairs, the boats to be of composite construction, and fitted with National diesel engines, known later as the Small Woolwich class.

The Town Class (Big Woolwich)

The Town Class boats from Harland and Wolff were known as the Big Woolwich class, being of all steel construction, and numbered 24 pairs, and 24 single motors. All the Big Woolwich boats have names from A to H, Aber being the first, and Hawkesbury being the last. Delivery commenced in July 1936 and was completed in May 1937.

Its probably true that more Harland and Wolff boats survive on the English canals than anywhere else!