Harland and Wolff - Shipbuilding and Engineering Works

D&W Henderson (H&W 1917 - 1935)

Harland & Wolff bought the ordinary shares of D & W Henderson in 1917 and took over the management in 1919. The firm launched its last ship in 1935, after which it ceased trading.

1916 Harland and Wolff acquired a controlling financial interest in the shipyard of David and William Henderson and Co of Partick, there establishing Diesel engine works for ocean-going motor-boats.

1917 The yard was placed under Harland and Wolff management and went on to make over 38 cargo-liners and tramps in the '20s and '30s until it closed in 1935.

1935 As orders began to decline, the berths of the Meadowside yard were sold to National Shipbuilders Security. D. and W. Henderson and Co went into receivership on 4th April.

1936 A repair subsidiary D. and W. Henderson Ltd was formed in 1936 to ensure that the new owners Harland and Wolff could continue using the Meadowside dry-dock.

1936 Private company.

WWII The yard was mainly used to build landing craft

1961 Ship repairers, dry dock owners and marine engineers.

1962 Repair work was carried out at the yard until it closed in 1962 due to Harland and Wolff abandoning the Clyde. The yard is currently an industrial estate. The dry-docks are no longer there.

The shipbuilding assets were sold to National Shipbuilders Security Ltd, and the ship-repairing facility and goodwill was sold to Harland and Wolff. The company closed in 1962.