Harland and Wolff - Shipbuilding and Engineering Works

Liverpool War Memorial - Bootle

Lady Pirre unveils Harland and Wolff's war memorial at Bootle, on her right is Lord Pirre. Picture was taken during the "Last Post" by the buglers on the right. [Weekly Telegraph, Saturday 11th February, 1922]. Photograph of the unveiling of the memorial were supplied from the Great War Ulster Newspaper Archive.


War Memorial Unveiled by Lady Pirrie

Lady Pirie unveiling yesterday a war memorial plaque in bronze containing the names of 87 employees of Messrs. Harland and Wolf who were killed in the war, appealed to workmen to pull together to restore the world to what it was before the war. "We will have hard times", she said, "during the next few years, but we must all come to the top and show this world what Britain and Ireland can do. I beg of you to do all you can to bring back peace and prosperity".
Out of 2,776 men in the works when war broke out 650 joined the forces.
Name Details
Allen D.
Baines J.
Barbour W.
Bather A.
Beatie B.
Bennett T.E. More
Best J.
Betteridge J. More
Brandwood A.E. More
Brennan A.
Bruce D.
Caley R.
Carr C.
Clay H.
Clegg T.
Coverdale T.H. More
Davis H.
Davis O.
Davis S.
Donachie J.
Downes S.
Echlin C.J.
Evans T.
Finn A.
Fitzsimons R.
Frost T.
Gordon W.
Gowanlock J.W. More
Gray S.
Name Details
Greer J.
Halsall W.
Hamilton A.
Hamilton C, or G. E
Hammond T. ?.
Hedges S.
Hegerty J. More
Johnson J.
Jones F.V. More
Jones W.
Jones W.
Jones W.H. More
Jones W.H.
Kiggins J.
Killoran M.
Kirkbride H.
Lawton C.C.
Lea J.
Leckie C. McD.
Lelcelleu R.
McAllister T.
McCoy J.
McKirdy P. McK
McQueen J.
Mather T.
Miles A.
Millett J.
Moore H.
Morgan T.
Name Details
Morgan J.
Mutch P.
Orr R.
Parr J.
Parry T.K.
Perry A.
Petersen C.
Phipps W.H.
Plumb C.
Pollard W.
Poyning W.
Reid H.
Roberts J.
Rowland S.
Ruddle F.
Snaylam H. More
Sutton W.C.
Swain W.S.
Thomson A.L.
Toft H.
Tuck J.
Turner T.
Ward W.H.
Waydock T.
Wilder T.A.
Winstanley E.
Wright H.C.
Wynne W.
Young W.