Harland and Wolff - Shipbuilding and Engineering Works

Southampton War Memorial

Name Details
Ahier C.J. More
Bleakley R.T. More
Charles R.
Clifford W.
Cresswell J.
Danes W. More
Davis W.H.
Farrow J.
Fawcus W. More
Fender D.
Frampton W. More
Fry A.
George L.
Gillespie C.J. More
Harding J. More
Heath H.
Name Details
Littler F.C. More
McDonald W.B. More
McFeat T.
McKie J.
Milne J.
Minter J.E. More
Poil R.
Pook H.
Prince P.
Richards H. More
Risden L. More
Risden M. More
Sagar T. More
Tanner A. More
Whitlock W. More
Woods N.