Harland and Wolff - Shipbuilding and Engineering Works

  GUCC Fleet No. 102
  Class Town
  Original Type: Motor
  Known As Large Woolwich
  Date Built 28.1.37
  Hull Construction Steel
  Registered COV 537
  Intended Paring 201
  Unconverted and based at Whaley bridge. Alton is now making regular trips on the Upper Peak Forest and Macclesfield canals carrying coal and diesel for sale to other boats and property. Her hull is made of riveted steel, with the boatman's cabin constructed of tongue and groove planks on an oak frame. Her bow is pointed with a counter stern. The current engine is a four stoke diesel, with two cylinders and 20brake horsepower, made in 1958 by Petter PD2. From 1936 to 1948, Alton worked for the GUCCC carrying general cargos such as timber, grain and packaged goods. Following nationalisation, she was taken over by the British Transport Commission and used for cargo carrying, including coal, until 1964. Willow Wren CTS Ltd. then employed her until 1970 and, during this time, she carried grain, aluminium and copper ingots, also coal. From 1971 to 1994, she worked for the Narrow Boat Trust Ltd. carrying coal and was fitted with a new bottom in 1971. She was purchased by the present owner in 1994 and is now being restored to carry minor cargos. She is in good overall condition and care is being taken to preserve her original appearance and features. She is the only narrow boat of her kind known to have retained a planked wooden boatman's cabin.