Harland and Wolff - Shipbuilding and Engineering Works

  GUCC Fleet No. 35
  Class Star
  Original Type: Motor
  Known As Small Woolwich
  Date Built 22.1.36
  Hull Construction Steel Composite
  Registered BREN 582
  Intended Paring 272
  Converted into a trip boat by BW in the 50's WATER FAIRY, later cut in half stern being made into a 45ft tug attended Braunston 2000. stern now motorised and fully converted. Part of boat now full length, not sure which. Taken out of carrying service in 1955 she was converted to a Zoo Bus and renamed Water Fairy. (Further information) - In 1965 she was bought by Oliver Lovell who filled in her sides and renamed her ROMULUS. She was then run as an educational/camping boat until 1985 when she was bought by her present owner who de-converted her and gave her back her original name of DENEBOLA. She is still composite with steel sides and elm bottom and is powered by her original National DM2 engine. The boatman's cabin is decorated with Ron Hough roses and castles and still contains the original coal bucket with the fleet number stamped on it.¬†DENEBOLA¬†