Harland and Wolff - Shipbuilding and Engineering Works

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(Reference: TY-0708)

For many years, as Supervisor of the Central Records Department, Margaret Cusack acted as the firm’s memory. It was her job to file all the correspondence of the Company so that it could be quickly retrieved when someone wanted to find out who said what many years ago. When she left the firm on 9th March,1977 for her marriage to Mr Robert Malley, her friends and colleagues made sure that there were some memories she could take with her instead of filing them away In the storeroom. They gave her a host of goodwill messages and wedding presents, among these were bathroom accessories an Waterford Crystal tumblers, handed over on behalf of APEX Belfast No.1 Branch by Tommy Todd the Branch Chairman, and an electric cooker presented on her friends’ behalf of Mr David Geary, Company Secretary.